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My name is Jacek G Harbon.

I am a soft skills trainer, who is interestied in IT.

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IT Workshops

IT Workshops

Web Design

Web Design

scope of training


  • Management skills

    A managerial position requires, above all, team management skills, hich means enabling the team achieve the maximum possible results.

    You will learn how to develop this skills in my training.

  • Interpersonal skills

    As children, we learned to communicate with the people around us, yet we still create misunderstandings.

    How do we avoid them? Learn the secrets of communication in my training.

  • Customer Service

    Satisfied customers are much more likely to recommend your services, but how, exactly, do you create satisfied customers?

    You can learn rules, the use of which significantly improves customer satisfaction.

  • Personal Development

    If what you are doing so far doesn’t not produce the expected results, it’s time to change the way you act. This requires leaving your comfort zone, but the reward is satisfaction.

    My training will help you achieve your goal.

  • Sales and Negotiations

    Every day we make various types of transactions, not only commercial ones. It is a game in which everyone can win in the long term.

    Are you ready to learn the secrets of effective negotiations?

Range of workshops

IT Workshops

pro acti.eu workshops it 2 ms office

The average user uses only some of the features available in MS Office. Thanks to my training you will learn not only how to use software, but also how to streamline and speed up your work.

pro acti.eu workshops it 3 joomla

Joomla! is a program for easy creation of dynamic websites. If you are going to create your website, then Joomla! is right for you. It gives you virtually limitless opportunities to build a professional business site or store. I will teach you how to take full advantage of its abilities.

pro acti.eu workshops it 4 wordpress

WordPress is an open source software with which you create a beautiful website, blog or application that will not only be your perfect business or private business card, but it will be “alive”, with every new project. With my training, it’s quick and  easy to master working with WordPress.

pro acti.eu workshops it 5 social media

Social Media has recently played an increasingly important role in the marketing efforts of many companies due to the fact it is readily available to all who have access to the Internet. Social Media Marketing allows direct access to the desired target group, and further reduces the cost of marketing activities.

pro acti.eu workshops it 6 photoshop

If you want to create graphics for your website, or logos, business cards, you don’t have to be a painter. Computer programmes allow even laymen to create professional bitmap and vector images. I invite you to workshops, in which you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator (or Gimp and Inkscape) effectively.

Experience and practice

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Years in Business


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Joomla! and Wordpress

Web Design

Website designs I have completed

  • pro acti.eu portfolio 04 trainingcoachingowe


    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 19 coachingonthejob


    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 18 coachingorg


    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 20 coachingbydgoszcz


    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 07 proacti


    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 24 brightteam

    brightteam.pl 02

    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 08 obslugapacjenta


    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 22 byagnesta


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 05 profesjonalnaobslugapacjenta


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 06 profesjonalnaobslugaklienta


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 11 kursnanieruchomosci


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 01 teambuilding


    Web Design
  • pro acti.eu portfolio 15 imaggio


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 14 internetlte


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 03 trainingpodlasie


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 13 jacek


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 23 brightteam1

    brightteam.pl 01

  • pro acti.eu portfolio 09 obslugacudzoziemcow


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 16 hataid


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 21 cialowpsychoterapii


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 25 biomirka


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 17 coliber


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 02 tantralove


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 10 merkaba


  • pro acti.eu portfolio 12 jurko


5 simple steps

Order website

  • Please contact us using the form

    • I will contact you
    • We will discuss your expectations
    • I will explain the next steps

    01. Send A Message

    pro acti.eu website order 01
  • Describe your vision of your website

    • What colours should you have?
    • What are examples of pages do you like?
    • What is its purpose?
    • What kind of domain do you want to have?
    • Do you have hosting? If so, where?
    • What will the bookmarks be?
    • I'll ask for details
    • I will advise you on how to increase its effectiveness
    • I will suggest new functionalities
    • We will set the price initially
    • I will prepare 3 projects on my server

    02. Describe Your Vision

    pro acti.eu website order 02.
  • Choose the project that you like best

    • Which project do you like the most?
    • What would you like to change in it?
    • Which server should the site be on?
    • We will agree on the final price
    • We will sign a contract
    • I will install the page on the target server

    03. Choose A Project

    pro acti.eu website order 03
  • Upload the materials that are to be found on the site

    • Content
    • Logos
    • Photos
    • Movies
    • Preferred keywords
    • I will put the uploaded content on the site
    • I'll visually improve the final details
    • I'll apply SEO

    04. Send Data

    pro acti.eu website order 04
  • We will finalize the project

    • Confirm the page creation
    • Make a transfer
    • Think what's next
    • I will confirm the receipt of the transfer
    • I will transfer the page's password
    • If we finish our cooperation - I'll delete all files and data
    • If you ask me to administer the site, I will prepare a backup

    05. Finalizing the Project

    pro acti.eu website order 05
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Online service

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WordPress Installation

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Joomla installation

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Site administration

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Newsletter campaign

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Online store management

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Corporate identity

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Access Databases

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Excel sheets

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Project management

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Mail merge

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